Number of Tire Registrations

It’s a little change that makes a whole lot of difference.

The GLOBALn2 tire inflation system removes the moisture-rich oxygen from your vehicle’s tires and replaces it with a dry, larger molecular-structured nitrogen gas. The nitrogen molecules stay in the tire 3 to 4 times longer.  The lack of moisture reduces corrosion and increases the life of the tire. Our GLOBALn2 nitrogen tire inflation service also maintains proper tire pressure longer and it is perfectly safe.

Statistics suggest that less than 85% of drivers check
their tire pressure on a regular basis.

GLOBALn2 nitrogen tire inflation program
maintains proper tire pressure that will result in;

Reduced wheel corrosion.

Increased tire life up to 30%.

Improved braking and handling.

Reduced chance of tire failure by up to 50%.

Reduced running tire temperatures.

Improved fuel economy by 3% to 6%.

Your Savings

Tire Savings


Fuel Savings

$235.37 / year

Based in driving 22,000km/year with a vehicle that is rated 9.5L/100km at a fuel cost of $1.25/L with replacement tires costing $208/tire.

Plus, nitrogen top ups are free at your selling dealership.